Kamis, 12 Agustus 2010

Masjid Menara Jl. Layur , Semarang

Inner court of the mosque.

This mosque was built in 18 century by the Arab Etnic. The area is in the old port. I did the sketch twice in the same spot. It is very interesting building. The architecture is a combination between the local tropical architecture and Middle east style as you can see on the minaret.

Sabtu, 31 Juli 2010

johar market, semarang

I went to the market with my wife and daughter for the school needs. My daughter was preparing some new gear for her first year at boarding school. I let my wife and daughter search what they want and I took my sketchbook for some exercise. The weather was so hot and humid.... so I just make a quick sketch in the crowd.

Senin, 03 Mei 2010

Senin, 01 Maret 2010

MORNING SKETCH in old downtown ...

This building is familiar to me. In 1997 I used to work here for Peter Marland in reproduction of Antique English furniture. The office is on the second floor and production on the ground floor. It was my first experience of learning furniture.

In the morning you can find people starting their bussines. Either in the building or out side the building people do their bussineses. You can see in my sketch some body is pushing his trolley full of buckets of water..... he sells to shops a long the street that normally has no water supply. They are temporaly foodshops who provide breakfast or lunch.

Minggu, 21 Februari 2010

The Ruined of Historical Building....

Sooner or later... some more building will be dissapear from the site... No body care about them. Part by part of the building slowly damaged.

Rabu, 17 Februari 2010

SEMARANG and its historical building.....

There is historical area of semarang named " KOTA LAMA ". The buildings were built in the period of Dutch Colony. When you step on this area .. you will feel the Dutch Style Architecture. Some of the building has been nicely restored but many of them are in a very sadly condition. The damage of the building is getting worse and worse.
If the building can say a words... you maybe hearing them crying....